to the Certification Body Administration Tool (CB-AT)!


General Information

Please assign the "This role is found on the user profile below "Preferred Language" and is a Yes/No role.

New Farm Assurance Products release:


  • Nurture v12

  • Impact-Driven Approach to Sustainability add-on for Plants v1.1/Aqua v1.0

  • FSMA PSR v2.0

  • GLOBALG.A.P. Farm Sustainability Assessment v3.0

  • SPRING v2

All remaining QMS Auditor update v6 courses in 2023 can be found in the CB Academy. Please take your chance to register. From 2024 only full QMS Auditor v6 courses can be booked.

This is your online registration portal to manage and track your approval status.

Here you can: 

  • Register your farm/QMS auditors, decision committees and reviewers.

  • Assign farm assurance products to them 

  • View their assigned farm assurance products

  • Apply for scope extensions

GLOBALG.A.P. uses the system to:

  • Track and evaluate the qualifications of your personnel

  • Maintain the approval status of your personnel

  • More features coming soon! 

You can find a guideline on the use and features of the system at the bottom of this page.